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Are Six Licks e-liquids TPD compliant?
All Six licks products are manufactured to the highest standard, with all e-liquids strictly adhering to TPD guidelines. From the day we set out, we wanted to make sure the liquids we were selling were completely safe and represented the best quality e-liquid vapers could buy.

What bottle sizes are available?
The Six Licks range is available in a variety of sizes that vapers will be familiar with. Products that contain nicotine are available in convenient 10ml variants, while our nicotine-free shortfills are available in 50ml and 100ml sizes.

What flavours are available?
Six Licks is all about varied and bold flavours, making sure that the tastes our e-liquids produce are the among the best in the world. We take our inspiration from a variety of sources, and mainly take ideas from exciting and punchy fruit flavours. Our original fruit combos make for brilliant all day vapes that don’t compromise on flavour.

What types of e-liquids are available from Six Licks?
Vaping is all about choice, and Six Licks is here to make sure e-liquids are available for all kinds of vapers. We have 10ml 50/50s that are perfect on the go, and available in a variety of nicotine strengths. Shortfills are also available for every Six Licks flavour; coming with no added nicotine, our shortfills are a great value way to stay stocked with e-liquid. We are also proud to be amongst the first e-liquid creators to have a full range of nicotine salt 10mls; these e:liquids offering a smoother nicotine hit in a range of strengths.

Where is Six Licks Made?
Six Licks is a British owned and operated company, with all of our e-liquids made in the UK to the highest standards. You can rest easy knowing that every bottle of delicious Six Licks e-liquid you have is made with pride in the UK; ensuring important safety and quality regulations are met.


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