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What is vaping?

Vaping is simply the common term for using an e-cigarette with an e-liquid; the word ‘vaping’ itself comes from the vapour that is produced when using them.

E-cigarettes, or vapes as they are sometimes known, work by safely heating e-liquids and vaporizing them, ready to be inhaled. Though they come in many different shapes and sizes, all vapes work by this basic design.
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Why do people vape?

One of the main reasons people choose to vape is because they are looking for an alternative to smoking; in fact, vaping is up to 95% healthier than smoking according to PHE. Vaping is also far more cost effective than smoking, and without the lingering smell. Furthermore, people vape for the amazing variety of e-liquids to choose from;  you could have a different flavour every time you refill! 

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Vaping FAQs

What do I need to Vape?

To get started off with vaping, you essentially only need two things: an e-cigarette (or vape device as they are also known) and an e-liquid to put in it!

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E-liquid TPD Compliance

Is vaping safe?

E-cigarettes are tightly regulated in the UK to ensure safety and quality. Although vaping is not completely risk free, according to the NHS, e-cigarettes contain a “small fraction of the risk of [traditional] cigarettes”.

How old do I have to be to vape?

To vape or buy vaping equipment in England, Scotland and Wales, you must be over 18 years old.

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Cigarettes vs Vaping

Will vaping help me quit smoking?

We can’t say for sure, because everyone is different! However, studies have concluded that those who take up vaping are more than twice as likely to quit than by other methods.

What is an e-liquid?

An e-liquid is the fluid used to fill an e-cigarette, ready to be turned into delicious vapour! E-liquids are made of water, flavouring, propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG). E-liquids sometimes also contain nicotine. E-liquids made in the UK are heavily regulated to maintain safety standards.

Six Licks Shortfills & 50/50

Six Licks E-liquid range

Here at Six Licks, we focus on big flavours that can be vaped all day. Our testers work tirelessly to make sure we launch only the best and most unique e-liquids. Our range is full of attitude, backed up by unbeatable flavours and a tradition of maintaining the highest quality.
Take a look at our multi-award winning product range below and prepare to find your next favourite e-liquid!
Truth or Pear Six Licks Eliquid

Truth or Pear

The truth? This combo of strawberry, lime and pear is completely delicious.
Pear, Lime & Strawberry

Liquid Gold Six Licks Eliquid

Liquid Gold

The gold standard of e-liquids. One hit of this blackberry, apple and raspberry flavour and you won’t go back.
Blackberry, Apple & Raspberry

Bluemonia Six Licks Eliquid


Keep your cool with the freshest blueberry and raspberry e-liquid.
Blue Raspberry & Ice

Bite The Bullet Six Licks Eliquid

Bite the Bullet

This mysterious combo of blackberry and aniseed hits the target every time.
Blackcurrant, Aniseed & Ice

Love Bite Six Licks Eliquid

Love Bite

Fall head over heels for our blood orange and grapefruit e-liquid.
Blood Orange & Grapefruit

Melon On My Mind Six Licks Eliquid

Melon on My Mind

You'll only be having sweet thoughts once you've tried this medley of cool melon.
Honeydew Melon & Ice

Passion8 Nic Salts Eliquids


We adore this delectable blend of passionfruit and pear, and you will too!
Passionfruit & Pear

Elderpower Nic Salts Eliquids


Feel the energy with this electrifying mix of elderflower, lime and juicy orange.
Elderflower, Lime & Orange

Berried Alive

The deepest vape flavours we dare to create rise up rise up, fruity and fresher than ever!
Strawberry, Guava & Watermelon

Cherry On Top Shortfills & Nic Salts

Cherry on Top

Pretty please your taste buds with this dazzling hit of rich cherry with raspberry and pear.
Cherry, Raspberry & Pear


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