Stop That Coil Burn – Some Simple Tips For All Vapers

23rd November 2017

Have you ever fired up your vape unit in anticipation of enjoying the fantastic flavour of your e-liquid, only to be disappointed by a horrible, burnt taste? This is caused by coil burn. Coil burn occurs when e-liquid is overcooked. This overcooking results in the liquid breaking down, producing a terrible burnt taste. Thankfully, there are a few simple steps you can take to combat this problem.

Prime New Coils

Whenever you install a new coil in your vape unit, you should take the time to prime it before use. A new coil will contain a wick which is completely dry. If you attempt to use the unit before the wick has soaked up some of the e-liquid, the wick will burn out, creating an unpleasant taste. You can avoid this by priming the new coils before you install them. Simply place a few drops of e-liquid onto the ports on the side of the coil head. Once the new coil has been installed, you should wait a few minutes before beginning to vape. Doing so will allow the e-liquid to soak into the wick and prevent coil burn. Try a few quick, short puffs, rather than one huge one, when you first use your new coil!

Turn Down the Temperature

If your vape unit has temperature control, you can reduce the chance of coil burn occurring by turning down the heat. While higher temperatures will help you to create large clouds of vapour, this will also use e-liquid at a very high rate. If you have the temperature set very high, this can result in the wick drying out before it has had the chance to soak up juice from the tank. As the wick dries, you will find that the quality and flavour of the vapour decreases. By turning down the temperature slightly, you can avoid coil burn, improve the flavour of the vapour, and reduce the amount of liquid you use. Experiment with different temperature settings until you find the one that works for you.

Top Up Your Tank

As the amount of liquid in your tank decreases, it becomes harder and harder for the wick to soak it up. You can avoid this problem by keeping your tank topped up with juice. While the tank doesn’t need to be full all the time, a good rule of thumb is to refill it once you have used half of the liquid.

Change Your E-Liquid

If you’ve been following the advice above and you’re still experiencing coil burn, it may be time to change the brand of e-liquid you’re using. E-liquids which have sweet flavours will often contain sugar. When the liquid is vaporised, some of this sugar is left behind and can stick to the coil. If your coil and the wick is covered in gunk, they will not be able to soak up liquid from the tank. The gunk itself can also create unpleasant flavours as it is heated by the coil. Trying a different flavoured juice may help to reduce the amount of residue. Typically, liquids which are lighter in colour are cleaner than darker varieties, as they contain less sugar.

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