The Six Licks 600 Club

3rd October 2017

The Six Licks 600 Club Explained

If you haven’t heard already, Six Licks is the only range of e-liquids that is exclusive to a limited number vaping stores. This means that only certified vendors are able to sell the liquids, not just anybody. These lucky stores are the only place that vapers will be able to buy any of the Six Licks liquids.

The first 600 vape stores to sign up will be our lifelong retailers of Six Licks. Once all 600 slots are taken, no other vape stores will be able to buy and sell Six Licks.

These 600 slots have already begun to fill up at a rapid pace. This is maybe because of the sky-high POR, the vibrant branding, or the mouth watering flavours that have been blowing people away. There are also all kinds of other benefits reserved only for members of the club.


The Fruit-Filled Flavours

The Six Licks 600 Club will be licensed to stock all Six Licks liquids in the trademark 100ml short fill bottles. For those that don’t know, here are the 5 flavours:

  • Love Bite – Blood Orange Grapefruit
  • Bluemonia – Blue Raspberry Ice
  • Melon on my Mind – Honeydew Melon Ice
  • Liquid Gold – Blackberry Apple Raspberry
  • Bite the Bullet – Blackcurrant Aniseed Ice

We also have a whole post on how we created the flavours and why we chose them. You can check it out here.

The Exclusive Factor

Most e-liquids are available to any vape store that wants to sell them. This often results in the market becoming over saturated and everyone ends up with the same brands. Without any variety, you and all your friends all end up vaping the same liquids over and over again.

We chose to limit the number of stockists to only 600. This is enough for everyone to be within reach of the liquids, but without becoming so popular that they become boring.

Besides… who doesn’t want something exclusive?


Additional Perks For Members

As well as being one of the most eye-catching brands on the market with some of the most flavoursome liquids, there are a few extra benefits for retailers joining the club:

A structured rebate scheme is there for every vape shop who stocks Six Licks. This means special rewards for high performing stores to give something back for their supreme salesmanship.

There is a monthly pack sent out with all kinds of Six Licks goodies. This includes apparel like t-shirts and caps, official branded posters, and menu flavour cards to keep the brand looking fresh in store.

As well as this, all members of the Six Licks 600 club will receive counter display units to complement the range of liquids.


Limited Spaces Remaining

At the time of writing, the first release of the Six Licks 600 club is well underway and will be filling up fast at The Vaper Expo UK this weekend.

Sign up to be part of The Six Licks 600 now to avoid disappointment!


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