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How to Sell Nic Salts

How to Sell Nic Salts : What you need to know

With a ban on disposable vapes looming, there is no better time to get clued up on Nic Salts than now.

What are Nic Salts

Nic Salts are a high flavoured nicotine concentrate that allows the user an elongated nicotine hit.

Although the origins of a successful nicotine hit without smoking a cigarette date all the way back to 1927, the first modern vape was curated in China circa 2003.

In the present day, vaping has seen advancements every year to stay up to date with the needs of the modern vape user. This means that new brands, flavours and devices are continually competing for a space on the shelf.

Initially vapes were a great way for cigarette users to kick the habit for something fresher and less offensive. Over time, puffing tasty flavoured air was losing satisfaction among ex-smokers and the need for a new nicotine hit was born.

After their initial introduction in 2018, nic salts have prevailed amongst reusable vape users for a longer lasting nicotine hit. With new nic salt developments curated to generate a nicotine hit to traditional tobacco in order to meet user needs, flavours are now double concentrated to match the hit of the entry level disposable vape device.

Nic Salts 3 ways to sell them

Invest in displays
Displays and POS are a necessary investment for educating customers in the benefits of Nic Salts. Ensuring staff members are trained and clued up on information is a necessity as interactive measures prove highly successful.

Product testing also proves highly beneficial for sales - if customers can immediately experience first hand the benefits and differences of the product they will be more inclined to purchase.

Keep up with latest launches
Brand awareness is key. With the industry moving as fast as it is, staying up to date with the latest launches and legislation will be key to your sales success.

With a number of different kits, pods and liquids on the market designed to curb smoking habits, brands like Elf are introducing their new starter kits like the Elfa Pro Pod Kit. These are super simple reusable pod kits that require minimal maintenance or upkeep, designed for ease of use when making the switch from cigarettes.

Companies industry wide are releasing new flavours and ranges of shortfills and nic salts to keep up with consumer demand, with big names like Six Licks staying on top of the trends by releasing new flavours of shortfills and nic salts. Staying aware of the latest trends and releases is paramount to a successful sales agenda.

Know your hardware
Retailers that can speak directly to customers intricately about the products on sale experience evident higher rates of success. Knowing the tell-tale signs of common issues like burnt coils and device cut off times, as well as staying clued up on battery safety will be a great benefit to both staff and customers alike.

Amongst displays and testing stations, knowing the ins and outs of your products and also other products in the wider industry outside of your store will be a key driver of sales when communicating with customers. This will establish your store as a recognised destination for vapes and therefore vape sales.

Awareness of Safety

Having an in-depth understanding of TPD Compliance and nicotine regulations is invaluable in a position where you are the customers first point of contact with the products. TPD Compliance hold stricter regulations than even FDA Approved products, so ASH studies reveal that just a third of smokers understand that vaping is less harmful than smoking. Ex-smokers who vape have the most accurate perceptions of vape harm, with 75% correctly identifying that vaping is much less harmful than smoking.