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A New Age Of Shortfills

A New Age Of Shortfills

With the use of Disposable Devices at a record high, we’ve also seen a new wide spread call to action from governments internationally discussing a ban on disposable vape products. We’ve especially seen a boom in the illegal market, most commonly the non-TPD compliant 3500 puff disposable devices. With a clear public demand for higher capacity vape devices, Shortfill e-liquids and reusable devices are the logical solution to meet consumer needs.

Ditch the Disposable

The disposable has gone from making up just 2.3% of devices used in 2021, shooting up to 31% in 2023. In fact, 57% of 18 - 24 year olds say a disposable is their go-to device. The main reasons for this are ultimately convenience and lack of maintenance, as well as flavour payoff. In this day and age of vaping, there are super user friendly reusable devices designed with convenience in mind, while being able to harness the benefits of a reusable. With elevated flavour choices and a means for fully customisable nicotine content, the new age of reusable pod device allows the disposable loyalist to make the switch easier than ever before.

Unleash True Flavour

With your standard disposable, the device battery is designed to cease before your e-liquid runs out so you don’t experience any flavour burn at the end of your vape. With a reusable device, you’re able to keep your reusable pod filled and your device charged. Eliminate vape waste twice over with your environmentally conscious reusable saving on physical waste while also making the most of your e-liquid. When it comes to shortfills, experience flavours or combinations you could never find in disposable devices!

Better for longer

Your 100ml shortfill e-liquid will leave room for you to add your own choice of freebase nicotine allowing you to full control over how strong your nicotine content is. Freebase nicotine comes in many strengths ranging from 3mg to 20mg. Simply make your freebase choice then add this to your chosen shortfill and give it a good shake to ensure fully infused. You now have 100ml of e-liquid to use for under half the price of what you would spend on the equivalent in disposable devices.

Pocket friendly

Reusable devices are the logical next step, reaping financial benefits as well as environmental benefits. Partnered with the user friendly devices on the current market, ditching the disposable has never been easier. Reusable devices now have draw activated systems that behave much like a disposable device for those not ready to take on the maintenance of coils or upkeep of tanks.